Introduction to Biomodules

Biomodules are the building blocks of our design system that allow you to build constructs quickly and reliably.

What are biomodules

Building Constructs

Why Use Biomodules



What are biomodules?

Biomodules are the building blocks of the Breeze BioCAD. They allow you to quickly design constructs from well characterised DNA parts.


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Biomodules are reusable units of linear dsDNA. A biomodule can have a single function such as a restriction enzyme, or it can contain multiple functional parts in a single unit such a backbone or an operon.

In the image above, we can see the item card of a biomodule from our public collection. Notice that this biomodule for a pET backbone contains multiple functional units, including a CDS and regulatory elements.



Building Constructs



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Biomodules are linked together in a template to create a modular construct. In the image on the above we can see a pSEVA construct made up of 14 biomodules.

The seven biomodules marked by grey placeholders are standardised, non-replaceable biomodules. In this case, they represent each of the restriction enzymes or hinges, used in the SEVA system.

The biomodules in blue represent the variable units of the constructs and can be quickly swapped to create variants of the original.




Why Use Biomodules?


Bulk updates with Data propogation

By using the same biomodule in multiple designs, it is possible to update multiple construct designs by updating a single biomodule. The image below shows the highlighted Tmp (SEVA#7) biomodule and the constructs it has been used in. 

As you can see, this biomodule is used in 17 constructs. An update to this biomodule, allows for us to update all 17 in one click.


biomodules 2022-07-07 at 08.58.29

Design with characterised biomodules

We conceived of biomodules, in order to support characterisation of parts. You can design with parts from our public collection of 2000+ professionally designed biomodules many of which have been characterised in the lab. Or you can create your own in a private collection and characterise them through annotations and by providing additional information about your biomodule.

The image below shows the annotated and in vivo tested biomodules from our public collection.

Explore our biomodule collection


Screenshot 2022-07-07 at 09.51.23


Design beyond manufacture

You can also design your biomodules to be independent of assembly method. This allows you to design parts without concern for manufacturability. You can modularise restriction enzyme sites to add them to any of your designs or use our powerful assembly wizards to optimise your fragments according to your chosen assembly method. 



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