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Understanding biomodule information

Characterise your biomodules and track detailed information about them to help with designing and managing your collection.

The Biomodule Card

The Biomodule cards, visible in your biomodule collection, allow for a quick overview of vital information and actions.

Biomodule Card

The Biomodule Information Page

Clicking on info on any biomodule card will direct you to the biomodule information page. Here you can see more detailed information about your biomodule.

Info Tab

The first tab on this page (Info) contains detailed information about your biomodule.

biomodule information page

Key to Info Fields

Overview (Grey box) A field containing the name and an optional description of your biomodule.
Part ID The unique identification code for the biomodule.
Name The name of your biomodule. When uploading a GB of a biomodule it will be taken automatically from the data within. 
Alternative Name Field for alternative naming of your biomodule.
Version A user generated field for tracking the version of a biomodule variant.
Division A user generated field for characterising the file type i.e. primate sequence, high-throughput genomic sequence.
Parent Sequence If the biomodule has been duplicated or extracted from another sequence, the link to the parent biomodule or construct will be shown here.
Collection The special collection to which a biomodule belongs e.g. pSEVA. 
Part Status Confirmation of a validated biomodule. 
Public Confirmation of a publicly available biomodule.
Certified Confirmation of an in-vivo verified biomodule.
Length The length in base pairs of the biomodule.
Source Strain User generated information regarding the source strain or organism 
Suitable for User generated information pertaining to the host compatibility.
Used In Automatically generated information regarding the number of constructs the biomodule has been used in.
Registry Code A field to insert the BioBrick registry code of the biomodule.
Contains A visual overview of the annotations contained within the biomodule.
Created by An automated record of the author of the biomodule.
Created at An automated time stamp of the creation date of the biomodule.
Last edit An automated time stamp recording the last edit made to the biomodule.
Quick actions (sidebar) Tools to view and edit sequence, edit the biomodule information page, synthesize, duplicate and delete the biomodule.
Collaborators A visual overview of the collaborators whom have been invited to work on the construct. Click the share icon Screenshot 2022-08-05 at 11.44.42to invite team mates to collaborate.
Author A visual overview of the author of the biomodule.


The Usage Tab

The second tab (usage) contains information on the complete collection of constructs this biomodule is used in.

This tab provides information regarding the total number of constructs in which this biomodule has been used, plus information regarding the constructs to which you have access.

Here, you may view and access the collection of constructs containing the biomodule, to which you have access.