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The Quick Order tools

Quickly order and validate all the sequences you need with our quick order tools


Choose project

Linear dsDNA synthesis

Custom Subcloning

Custom Construct synthesis

A note on validation

Making and managing quotes and order


Choose your synthesis project

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You will find the quick order tools at the top of the home page. The three options correspond to our three synthesis options. Choose one to begin the quick order process.

Linear dsDNA - Linear dsDNA up to 7.5kbp

Subcloned Custom DNA - subcloned fragments up to 10kbp

Full-length Custom Construct - custom full length constructs up to 50kbp


Linear DNA synthesis

Bulk upload with a multi-sequence file and give your project a name and decription (optional)

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Review and Validate sequences

Move to next step

Arrange samples

Add to cart

That's it, all you need to do now is generate your quote or send it straight to order.


Subcloned custom DNA

Here, we start by giving your project a name.

Next, we choose fragments for subcloning

First, click the biomodule placeholder for your custom fragment.

Then upload a multi-sequence file, browse from your collections of biomodules or create a new biomodule from a single file.

Review your sequences.


Now, move to the next step to choose your vector backbone

Choose the placeholder for the vector backbone.


Choose to fill all. 


Choose your desired backbone from your collection of biomodules. And choose fill all.


You can remove and swap backbone placeholders to make combinations of constructs.

Next, review your constructs


Now, validate your constructs


Ok, next step to continue to the ordering process.


Arrange samples


Add to Cart



Custom Construct Synthesis

Here we start by uploading a multi-sequence file, giving the project a name and adding a description (optional).

Quick Order tools 2023-05-19 at 10.11.19


Now review the sequences that you uploaded.


Validate your sequences for manufacture


Next step to continue.

Arrange samples

Add to Cart


A note on validation 

Quick Order tools 2023-05-19 at 10.12.18

The validation tool will return a colour coded warning based on the manufacture issues identified in your sequence:

  • Green: no problems identified, good to build.
  • Orange: minor issues identified, good to build.
  • Red: major issues identified, please review.

It is important to note, that for Orange warnings, these are still manufacturable on the Officinae Bio platfrom however, you may experience issues building these sequences with standard benchtop protocols.

If you would like to make changes to your sequences at this stage, choose view to jump to the sequence viewer.

From here you can edit sequences with our sequence editing tools. For more information on sequencing edit, see these guides.


Making and managing orders and quotes

With your sequences added to your cart, you are now ready to make a quote, or order your sequences in a click. Follow the links below to learn more about managing quotes and orders:

Making and managing quotes

Managing and making orders