Share a shipping address with your team

Never misroute a sample again, you can share shipping addresses with your team to simplify order delivery and manage multiple labs all over the world.

1) Do you have a Shipping address?

If you already have a shipping address jump to the next paragraph, otherwise if you haven’t created a shipping address yet, see this Knowledge Base article on how to get started.

2) Share a billing account

You can share with team members one or more shipping addresses:

  • Navigate to your profile section via the left-hand panel,

Profile tab-01

  • Choose "Shipping Address" in the top navigation bar to view all your shipping addresses,


  • Select “Info” on the shipping addresses you would like to share


  • Now on the right panel, click the sharing icon to invite a team member,


  • Insert the email of the team member you would like to invite and grant permissions to view shipping address.

share shipping 2023-11-07 at 08.57.14

  • Click "Send Invite".

Everyone invited to a shipping address can have orders delivered to that shipping address. Invitees cannot share or invite anyone else. Owner access is granted only to the user who created the shipping account.

3) Manage access to a billing account

You can manage access to the shipping address via the info section of that shipping address:

  • Navigate to the shipping address you would like to manage,

  • On the right-hand side, you can see a list of all the collaborators who can use the shipping address,

  • Choose the person by clicking on their profile icon,

  • Choose “revoke permissions” to revoke the permission to use the shipping address.