Making the most of part reuse when ordering

The Breeze design to synthesis workflow allows for quick ordering of constructs while saving money on new synthesis costs by re-using parts you have in your DNA vault.

Create a Biomodule
Add it to a Construct
Synthesise Construct
Reuse parts

Step 1: Create a Biomodule of your part

The first step is to create a biomodule of the part you wish to use, and reuse over again.  Associating a sequence to a biomodule allows for this part to be stored and identified automatically from your vault. When we identify a biomodule from a construct you already have in your vault, we will use that in the build of your construct and thus save time and money on new synthesis cost.

There are multiple ways to create a biomodule, see these articles on how:


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Create a new biomodule from a construct

Extract a sequence to create a biomodule

How to create a custom backbone



Step 2: Add it to a Construct


Next, our biomodule needs to be added to a construct. The modular approach of the Breeze BioCAd makes it easy as choosing a template for your construct and adding your biomodule to a placeholder.

When reusing a biomodule either within a library, or repetitively over several orders, you save time and money on new synthesis costs.

Check out these articles on how to create constructs and libraries of constructs:

How to create a modular construct

Bulk design constructs with the composer tool



Step 3: Synthesise your construct

The next step is to synthesise the construct containing the biomodules you intend to use repetitively. 

You pay for new synthesis costs the first time you synthesise a biomodule. Then whether you are re-using it within a single library or are reordering the biomodule in a variant of a construct, the next time you pay less for the sequence associated to that biomodule.

See these articles on ordering:

How to submit an order



Step 4: Reuse previously synthesised biomodules

With your construct synthesised, all intermediate parts will be stored automatically in your personal DNA vault. Now, when the time comes to reuse your biomodule you'll save money and time by skipping on new synthesis. Further, this can also increase significantly the probability of success when dealing with particularly difficult sequences to synthesise.


Remember, in order for the correct price and turnaround time to be automatically calculated at checkout, the sequence you wish to reuse needs to be contained within a biomodule you have already synthesised and stored with us.

If you are ordering sequences with high degree of consensus but are contained in different biomodules - or not contained within a biomodule at all - the automatic calculation of time and pricing savings won't work. Don't worry though, you can contact your Account Manager who can help resolve the issue.


Did you know?

You can also add physical parts you have in your own freezers and add them to your DNA vault with us at Officinae Bio, just as if you had synthesised them with us. This means you can reuse those parts in future designs along side the physical parts you synthesise with us. 

To learn how to add your physical DNA samples to your DNA vaults see the following article:

Preparing and Sending Physical samples to your DNA vault