How to create a construct from a file - construct upload

Import a circular vector as FASTA or GB file to create a Simple Construct to use as a reference or to extract biomodules.

Create a simple construct via the plasmid onboarding tool as a reference or  extract parts for use with our modular design tools.

Not sure about the difference between a simple construct and a modular one? Check out this guide:


Introduction to Constructs in Breeze


Plasmid Onboarding 

Use the plasmid onboarding tool upload a circular DNA sequence so you can:

- Upload a reference sequence of a construct.
- Extract sequences to create modular parts (biomodules).
- Make edits directly to a sequence.
- Send a full length construct for synthesis


How to Import your Construct


From the Breeze Home Screen navigate to Toolbox.

Onboarding a simple construct-01


In the search bar, type 'Onboarding'.

Onboarding a simple construct-02


In the search results you will see the Plasmid Onboarding Tool. Choose it.

Onboarding a simple construct-03


    Next, upload the GB or FASTA file of your Construct.
    Click proceed.

    Bulk Biomodule Upload-03



    Create a modular construct

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