Extract a biomodule from a construct sequence

Learn how to create your biomodules by extracting a sequence from a construct.

Extracting a biomodule

It's easy to create a collection of Biomodules by extracting sequences from constructs.

First, navigate to your Construct collection and access your Construct sequence.

Select the region of DNA you want to create a Biomodule from.

Right-click on the DNA sequence and choose "extract sequence"


Done! Your sequence is now available as a Biomodule to design your next Construct. All your biomodules can be find in your Biomodule collection. 


biomodule collection list view


Information about your Biomodule

Once created, we will automatically associate your Biomodules with:

    • a Part ID: a seven-character code identifying univocally your new Biomodule
    • a Sequence Name


Bulk upload biomodules

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