How to create a new Biomodule from file

A biomodule is any linear double-stranded DNA fragment with a well defined biological function such as CDS, terminator, or gRNA. Here you will find how to create your biomodules and edit the basic information linked to them.

Access Biomodules Area
Create new biomodule
Upload sequence



Access Biomodules area 

Log-in to your Officinae Bio account and click on the hamburger button on the top left-hand side of the page. 

Select the Biomodules navigation item of the vertical menu on the left.


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Create a new Biomodule

To create a new Biomodule click on “CREATE NEW”. You'll be redirected to the Biomodule Editor to create your own collection of DNA parts. 




Upload your sequence 


The Biomodule Designer allows you to upload your DNA sequences in FASTA or GenBank format. Alternatively, you can type in your sequence and assign a name to your new Biomodule.




Specify the biosafety level of the DNA sequence you intend to work on, tick the box declaring it has no dual use, and click on the “Proceed” button. 





Information about your Biomodule

Once created, we will automatically associate your Biomodules with:

    • a Part ID: a seven-character code identifying univocally your new Biomodule
    • a Sequence Name
For the sequence name, please note that:
    • If you uploaded your sequence in GenBank format, it will be automatically renamed as the locus name reported in the gb.file.
    • If you uploaded your sequence in FASTA format, it will be automatically renamed  as reported in the first line of the corresponding FASTA file.



Extract a biomodule

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