How to Bulk Upload Biomodules

You can bulk upload biomodules from a single Genbank or FASTA file to quickly add reusable parts to your collections.

Access Biomodules area 

Navigate to the Biomodules Collection via the vertical menu on the left.

biomodule tab grid view


Choose “Create New” to create a new Biomodule.



Choose Bulk Upload Feature

Choose the Bulk Upload tool from the selection.


Bulk Biomodule Upload-02


Upload Bulk File

Upload a Genbank or FASTA file containing the sequence data for more than one biomodule.


Bulk Biomodule Upload-03


Information about your Biomodule

Once created, we will automatically associate your Biomodules with:

  • a Part ID: a seven-character code identifying univocally your new Biomodule
  • a Sequence Name
For the sequence name, please note that:
  • If you uploaded your sequence in GenBank format, it will be automatically renamed as the locus name reported in the gb.file.
  • If you uploaded your sequence in FASTA format, t will be automatically renamed  as reported in the first line of the corresponding FASTA file.

Working with your Constructs