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Understanding modular design in the Breeze BioCAD

Breeze streamlines the entire design-build-test process by enabling you to design with modularity. Read on to learn how it works.

Templates, Biomodules and Constructs

The Breeze BioCAD relies on three fundamental components to allow for modular design.


A template is the blueprint of your construct and is divided into placeholders. A template can be either linear or circular.


A biomodule is a DNA sequence with a well-defined function. Biomodules are placed inside placeholders and are reusable.


A construct is one or more concatenations of biomodules hosted within a template.




Design Hierarchy

This modular approach allows for efficient structuring in project designs by linking a single biomodule to multiple constructs.

This allows for a number of advantages when designing constructs:

Update a single biomodule to update multiple constructs when working on and testing reusable parts, this allows to update libraries of constructs in a single edit.


Data connection


Swap biomodules between similar construct designs. By duplicating construct we can create exact copies of a plasmid design then quickly make variants by changing whole biomodules from between each.




Bulk design constructs in a few clicks. The structure of template + biomodule = construct allows us to bulk design multiple constructs in a single simple workflow by filling placeholders with standard, non variable units in a single click before selecting from our collections of variable biomodules to fill the remaining variable components.




For more on bulk design see our guide to the composer tool.


Viewing Biomodule Usage

To view the constructs in which a biomodule has been used, choose Info on the item card of the relevant biomodule in your collection. Next navigate to the usage tab. Here you will see a summary of the number of constructs in which the biomodule has been used and a grid view of the constructs you have access to.




Viewing Construct composition

Alternatively, you can view the biomodules contained within a construct by clicking info on the construct item card in your construct collection to view more information. Next, navigating to the biomodules tab allows you to view an interactive list of the biomodules contained within the construct and the position in the template they occupy.

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